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Hot Now - Essie

summer 2016 collection

looking for adventure? I say, just follow the beat of your own drum, viva antigua! 



Hot Now - Essie


it’s a true innovation, just apply my gel.setter over any of my gorgeous nail colors to see plumper, shiner, gel-like color. no gel curing time, no lamp needed. easy removal.

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Essie Hot Now

experience the luxury of couture

get ready to experience couture at your fingertips. 42 new lust-worthy colors meet irresistible gel-like shine for up to 14 days of luxurious wear. you'll soon get your hands on it and never let go.

essie's 1000th shade

aim to misbehave

Make it rain with shimmering confetti. It’s a star studded event that only essie can assemble to honor its highly anticipated 1000th shade. And because the most-talked-about fêtes tend to break the rules, this fashionable yellow debut calls for a wild celebration

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show your stripes

nail art with ribbons of rainbow stripes