blues: rich royals, pretty pastels and sparkling sapphires give you the fashion lead when you follow these foolproof steps to the perfect mani.

Garden Variety - Always in Style - Essie Looks


garden variety

turn your green thumb tropical with this creamy, eye-catching teal.

after school boy blazer - nail art by essie looks


after school boy blazer

teacher’s pet? absolutely. get back to business with an academy blue that always makes the grade.

butler please - nail art by essie looks


butler please

get waited on hand and foot in this bright blue hue. room service? yes, please.

find me an oasis - nail art by essie looks


find me an oasis

island paradise bound? this seafaring blue is perfect for your next great escape.

bikini so teeny By Essie


bikini so teeny

make a splash with no strings attached. this provocative shade is the perfect accessory for the beach.

in the cab-ana By Essie


in the cab-ana

sip right up. this aqua azure shade is a refreshing departure from your everyday mani.

butler please - occasions essie looks


butler please

ladies' night is off to a roaring start with just the right shade of double x chromosome fun. whatever your pleasure for the evening, make friends with strong, strident color that never lets you down.

midnight cami - always in style essie looks


midnight cami

make a move in midnight cami, a sultry shimmering twilight tone.

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