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Sew Me - Neutral Cream Rose At-Home Gel-like Manicure - Essie Gel Couture


hurray, it fits! this perfectly-suited cream caramel rose has your name written all over it.
start by cleansing the nail with polish remover. no base coat needed.
step 1: apply 2 coats of luxurious color in sew me. allow 60 seconds to dry between coats.
step 2: seal with gel couture top coat for flawless gel-like shine.

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Spool Me Over - Soft Creamy Pink At-Home Gel-like Manicure - Essie Gel Couture

gel-couture neutrals

spool me over

hello, I love you. just one glimpse of this creamy apricot pink sweeps me off my feet.

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