The Easy Way to Get the Look of Gel Nails At Home

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You’re so handy. You love to do-it-yourself, and you have a serious flair for fashion. Not only do you have hand-eye coordination, but your color coordination is also totally on point.

Ok, ok, maybe that’s not exactly true. Maybe you’re completely new to this DIY nail polish thing. But you’re working on it! And, goodness knows, essie loves a girl with ambition. Here’s the good news: with essie gel couture, you don’t have to be a master manicurist to create masterful, long lasting manicures. The design of the brush, the smooth application of the formula and the speedy, streamlined process all help make essie gel couture is the easiest way to get the look of salon gel nail polish right in the comfort of your very own home.

Here are some of our favorite reasons essie gel couture is the perfect way for nail polish novices to get the gel nail color look at home.

Just Two Steps
The breakthrough formula omits the need to apply the base coat needed for gel polishes, so the 2-step system is incredibly fast and easy. Fewer coats reduce the margin for error and when you’re just learning, every little bit helps! After prepping nails and cleansing them with nail polish remover, it’s just two simple steps for application:

step 1
Choose one of essie gel couture’s 42 nail polish shades. Apply two coats.

step 2
Finish with our cutting-edge, high gloss top coat.

No Lamp? No worries.

essie gel couture delivers the look of gel polish, without the need for an LED or UV lamp. It’s one less thing to fuss over, and essie is all about that. Girls who like to keep things simple can also avoid making an investment in equipment needed for true gel nail color. essie gel couture’s formula is designed to air-dry quickly on its own. Just apply each coat, wait two minutes and apply the next. So easy!

Removal is a no-brainer
Taking off essie gel couture is even easier than applying it. When you’re ready to have salon-applied LED or UV gel nail color removed, you go back to the salon for a 15 minute service. Not so with essie gel couture. All you have to do is wipe it off with nail polish remover, just like regular nail enamel. No appointments to book. No waiting for gel polish to lift off. Just swoosh, and you’re done.

Practice Makes Perfect
We did a ton of R&D to ensure that essie gel couture is easy to master. The simplicity of the system, the foolproof streak-free formula, and the precision brush help to make the process easy and surprisingly fun. essie gel couture’s easy removal also makes erasing mistakes no big deal. When you’re trying to build skills and confidence, it’s just the thing. Now all you need to do is give it a go! Just a little practice goes a long way. So we hope you’ll enjoy getting the hang of it.

As you’re learning, there is one important rule we’d like you to break¬¬––it’s just so fun to rebel every now and then! You know that wisdom about using your non-dominant hand to paint the polish on first? Yes, that might be true when you’re actually doing your nails, but if you're just practicing, it’s best to get the hang of the best techniques with your dominant hand before you try any advanced maneuvers with the other one.

How to apply essie gel couture – step by step
There are so many reasons to love essie gel couture; the intuitive application is one of them. Unlike gel nail manicures, there’s no base coat and no LED or UV lamp curing.
We recommend you follow these in-depth instructions to get the most from your mani. NAIL TIP: The drying time is essential to maximize the long-wearing effect. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!

What you need
essie gel couture system: color + top coat
essie apricot cuticle oil
Nail polish remover

What you don’t need
LED or UV Lamp for curing gel polishes
Tin Foil
Beauty-School Diploma

get nails ready to polish.

Start by hydrating the cuticles with a few drops of essie apricot cuticle oil. Gently push back with a cuticle pusher.
NAIL TIP: Leave nipping & cutting cuticles to the professionals. If not done correctly, this can damage skin.

Cleanse the nail plate with polish remover on a lint-free pad.
NAIL TIP: Scrub using firm pressure until nails are squeaky clean. Removing dirt and oils before applying polish can help extend the life of your manicure!

pick your favorite nail polish shade and go for it!

1st color coat
Apply a thin, even coat of gel couture color to all 10 nails.
NAIL TIP: Try to apply in long, straight strokes. This will help ensure your manicure dries evenly and looks more professional.

2nd color coat
Wait 2 minutes, then apply a second coat of color.
NAIL TIP: Set a timer and allow your polish to dry between coats.
This will help prevent dents and smudges— it’s worth the wait!

top coat
finish the look beautifully.

Wait 2 minutes, then seal with a coat of gel couture top coat.
NAIL TIP: After applying top coat, “cap & seal” your nails like a pro by tapping the top coat brush along the tips. This will help prevent chips.

dry Allow to dry for 15 minutes.
NAIL TIP: Re-apply top coat every few days to help extend the life of your manicure.
Time to remove? It’s so easy.

To remove, place a lint-free pad with polish remover on the nail. Let sit for 3-5 seconds, then pull down the nail.

NAIL TIP: Never rub back and forth—the polish pigments can transfer to your skin, making removal a messy process.

Ready to test out your new-found passion for polish? Discover the essie gel couture shade collection.

Want to brush up on your essie expertise? We love to being a go-to nail care and color resource, for tips, tricks and all kinds of how-tos. Explore some of our hottest new articles here.

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