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hand with nails painted in multi-colored brown nail polish shades

Nail Art cozy brown multi-mani ✨🤎

turn that brown upside down with this warm neutral multi-mani in fall nail colors. follow these steps for elegant nails that even nail newbies can do!

hand with zebra stripe nail art holding two bottles of brown essie nail polish

Nail Art brown zebra stripe mani 🦓

a zebra can’t change its stripes, but you can borrow them with this wild abstract animal print mani! this brown design is elegant with a wild twist, making them the perfect holiday nails.

hand with brown block mani nail art holding bottle of dark brown essie nail polish

Nail Art brown block mani 🟫

this nail art design inspired by a cozy cardigan print feels extra soft and velvety thanks to the matte top coat.

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essie featured brown nail polish collection with artful brown spread and tray

tips & trends brown nail inspo for fall 2023 🍂

fall is finally here when green leaves start turning brown and all you want to do is sip hot chocolate by a log fire. it’s also the perfect time to dress your nails up in fall shades. and guess what! we’ve compiled a selection of the most beautiful brown essie nail polishes just for you!

paint the town brown in ‘23

from fluffy cappuccinos and soothing hot chocolate to caramel candy and cinnamon buns, the best things in life are brown so why not add your nails to the list! essie brown nail polish is perfect for fall and winter and there’s a whole range of cozy shades to choose from.

brown to earth



woman with multi-brown nail polish manicure in geometric patterns
boring neutrals? we don’t know her! essie browns are spicy, rich, luxurious, velvety, and earthy, with a shade (or several) to suit everyone. earn extra brownie points by taking the essie color quiz to find your favorite beautiful brown and take it for a test drive at our virtual try-on salon.

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