DIY nail art

DIY nail art

nothing says #essielove like creative and beautiful nail art looks to inspire your next DIY mani. try these fashionable nail looks and share them with us!

perfect 10

nail art perfect 10

summer-sault into #1 with this whimsical mani.


nail art tanlines

think outside of the box with this chic neutral design

rose gold reverse french

nail art rose gold reverse french

a classic french mani with a rose-gold twist

cow print

nail art cow print

live out your wild side with this trendy animal print design

sand and sea

nail art sand and sea

this modern, summery nail art channels beach vibes even if you’re indoors!

rocky rose

nail art rocky rose

earthy nail art for any season.

color block

nail art color block

manicure by Gianna Campisi of @Nailstorming

snowflake mani

nail art snowflake mani

manicure by Gianna Campisi of @Nailstorming

winter gradient

nail art winter gradient

manicure by Gianna Campisi of @Nailstorming

galaxy gradient

nail art galaxy gradient

the essie intergalactic metallics collection looks amazing in this gradient pattern

silver moon phases

nail art silver moon phases

see the moon in all its phases with this mani

starry night sky

nail art starry night sky

inspired by the bottle cap's design, this cosmic creation is simply stunning

mercury in retrograde star mani nail art

nail art mercury in retrograde star mani nail art

mercury manis are best in retrograde

spiderweb mani

nail art spiderweb mani

sticky spiderwebs offer a perfect mani for all hallows' eve

fall holiday half-moon

nail art fall holiday half-moon

a delightfully dark classic mani

abstract halloween mani

nail art abstract halloween mani

these details will be all the rage at your next halloween mani party.

geometric halloween

nail art geometric halloween

seasonal shapes perfect for your fall holiday mani

Christian Siriano at fashion week

nail art Christian Siriano at fashion week

manicure by Julie Kandalec

Jeremy Scott at fashion week

nail art Jeremy Scott at fashion week

manicure by Miss Pop

Kate Spade at fashion week

nail art Kate Spade at fashion week

manicure by Rita Remark

Tommy Hilfiger at fashion week

nail art Tommy Hilfiger at fashion week

manicure by Naomi Yasuda

Khaite at fashion week

nail art Khaite at fashion week

manicure by Betina Goldstein

Kith at fashion week

nail art Kith at fashion week

manicure by Betina Goldstein

Kith's second look at fashion week

nail art Kith's second look at fashion week

manicure by Betina Goldstein

Amirah Kassem

nail art Amirah Kassem of Flour Shop’s confetti mani

use our #essielove moments collection to recreate this look

essie x Lizzo

nail art essie x Lizzo

manicurist Eri Ishizu helped Lizzo capture this stylish mani using multiple shades to create pattern, depth, and shadow.

essie x Jonathan Van Ness

nail art essie x Jonathan Van Ness

the 'abstract rainbow' mani mixes an abstract painting style and marble design.

brushy ombré

nail art brushy ombré

use a 'dry brush' technique for this colorful ombré mani.


nail art electric ruffles

flowing stripes of summer color sure to start a buzz.


nail art glitter ombré

sparkle always gives your nails that "wow" effect.


nail art french moon

a classic never goes out of style, but two are better than one.


nail art perfect pastel mani


nail art essie x Anna Kendrick nail art

try this feather-like mani at home with a mix of blue, pink and metallic accents


nail art essie x Christian Siriano at NYFW 2019


nail art essie x Jeremy Scott at NYFW 2019


nail art essie x Kate Spade NYFW 2019


nail art love you like xo

create this perfect valentine's day mani and let the sparkles fly


nail art love line

it's time to spread the #essielove


nail art zen

channel your inner yogi & commit to being generation zen


nail art wifi

disconnect and be present in the moment

mad for holiday plaid

nail art mad for holiday plaid

put on your holiday best with a holiday plaid

northern lights

nail art northern lights

see the northern lights this season with a version right on your nails.

deck your nails

nail art deck your nails

holiday shades meet runway-ready nail art with this festive half-moon mash-up

essie fall foliage nail art - fall for nyc, say it ain't soho and licorice

nail art fall foliage nail art

stay on trend with this fall look. perfect for leaf-peeping season.

essie pumpkin spice ombre nail art - fall for nyc and say it ain't soho

nail art pumpkin spice & everything nice nail art

try this on-trend ombre nail look for the fall season


nail art haute for halloween nail art

flaunt an elegant halloween nail art look with a chic coral twist and understated black and white accents.

essie x jeremy scott fall fashion week 2018 nail art

nail art essie x Jeremy Scott fashion week nail art

recreate the orbit look

essie x kate spade fall fashion week 2018 nail art

nail art essie x Kate Spade fall fashion week nail art

recreate the "trail of sparkle" from Kate Spade's fall fashion look

essie x kith fall fashion week 2018 nail art

nail art essie x KITH fall fashion week nail art

choose 'forever yummy' and 'booties on broadway' for collegiate cool


nail art t-shirt stripe nail art

this graphic nail art design makes stripes oh so right


nail art uniform plaid nail art

dress your nails in this plaid nail art design that is so totally on-trend


nail art stroke of genius nail art

don’t be afraid to rock out in this metallic nail art design


nail art wild at heart nail art

take a walk on the wild side and embrace your inner nudist with this graphic nail art design


nail art ombre whisper nail art

simple graphic ombre nail art design featuring new wild nudes collection shades for beginners.


nail art made of stars nail art

party with the stars in this bright, bold nail art design.


nail art sorbet swirl nail art

sugary sweet nail art with a watercolor marble effect. this ombre design in playful pastels is a cute touch for anyone’s spring style.


nail art banded arrows nail art

the sky is the limit with this negative space arrow nail art design featuring bands of turquiose, coral, and white shades.


nail art between the lines nail art

color in between the lines with this negative space nail art design featuring two-toned blue shades.


nail art blurred lines nail art

color in between the lines with this negative space nail art design featuring two-toned blue shades.


nail art cactus cutout nail art

take your nails on a desert escape with this negative space cactus nail art design featuring white and turquiose shades.


nail art mirrored moon nail art

shoot for the moon with this chrome metallic nail art design featuring layers of silver, blue, and purple shades.


nail art neutral marble nail art

mix things up with this marble nail art design featuring neutral shades with a hint of metallic.


nail art sweet swirl nail art

swirl on the sweetness in this simple art design featuring layers of plum, coral, and nude shades.


nail art tied up nail art

neutral graphic nail art design featuring new wild nudes collection shades that creates a fun negative space look.


nail art tipped in chrome nail art

master metallics in this simple nail art design featuring nude and chrome shades striped with lilac.


nail art totally tweed nail art

cozy up to this graphic tweed nail art design featuring a rainbow of pink, purple, nude, and green shades.


nail art reach for the stars nail art

this on-trend star nail art design mixes soft blue with metallic hues for a look that’s out of this world.


nail art ombre waves nail art

go graffiti chic with this street art inspired nail art design. the blue ombre texture with abstract wave accents adds a touch of fun to any look.


nail art colorful contour nail art

contour your nails with this minimalistic nail art design. the colorful stripes are a simple way to enhance your nails to look long and lean.


nail art all eyes on you nail art

embrace this trendy evil eye nail art design and have all eyes on you in chic shades of blue.


nail art band together nail art

all for one and fun for all. this striped nail art design is a cute colorful look for any occasion.


nail art pebbled polka dots nail art

spotted! simple pastel polka dot nail art that’s always on point.


nail art wild side stripes nail art

take a strut on the wild side with this animal print nail art design in elegant neutral and metallic nail polish shades.


nail art playing in pastel nail art

pretty, playful, pastel. this graphic linear nail art design accented with ovals is simple and cute for spring or summer.


nail art snowfall sparkle nail art

glam up your holiday nail art design.


nail art bare-ly there nail art

get graphic in this nude nail art design. simple silver stripes add an elegant metallic touch to this on-trend look.


nail art texture blur nail art

blur the lines with this simple textured jewel tone nail art design that's fun for summer.


nail art retro peace party nail art

feeling festive? polish on this metallic winter nail art design in red and gold. perfect for holiday party season.


nail art rock it in geode nail art

discover a hidden gem with this geode-inspired nail art design using a rainbow of purples and blues with a touch of glitter.


nail art color curve nail art

kimono over and try this fall nail art design by essie


nail art diagonal dry brush nail art

get 'now and zen' with a simple diagonal dry brush nail art design with the essie fall 2016 collection


nail art mind the gap nail art

it's getting groovy with nail art featuring our winter 2016 collection


nail art mod for you nail art

it's getting groovy with nail art featuring our winter 2016 collection


nail art geisha tassel nail art

go geisha with our japan travel-inspired fall shades and this simple, fun nail art design


nail art the bride wore pink nail art

polka dot your “i dos” with this modern but simple metallic pink wedding nail art design. perfect for your wedding day or any day.


nail art frame your look nail art

picture perfect cute nail art is at your fingertips with this graphic, boxy geometric design.


nail art blushing ombre nail art

you’ll feel pretty in pink with this bright ombré nail art design perfect for short nail lengths..


nail art mod metallic flowers nail art

add a modern metallic twist to your floral nail art design with this cute retro-inspired look featuring the winter 2016 collection.


nail art very merry metallic nail art

‘tis the season for elegant metallic nail art! celebrate the holidays in style with this striped and swirled nail art design that’s perfect for winter.


nail art classy and koi nail art

show off your scales with this mermaid textured nail art design inspired by the fall 2016 collection.


nail art bamboo beauty nail art

branch out your style with this linear nature & bamboo-inspired nail art design, featuring shades from the fall 2016 collection.


nail art get inked nail art

embrace your creativity and sponge on this pretty inky blue ombre nail art design.


nail art mid summer moon nail art

minimalist half moon meets mid nail with this elegant nail art design that’s hot for summer.


nail art sweet summer crush nail art

nothing beats summer love when you’re crushing on this abstractly accented nail art design that is perfect for short nails.


nail art tropical bloom nail art

summer is in full bloom with this pretty floral nail art design. flowers at your fingertips have never been so chic!

jungle jewelry nail art

nail art jungle jewelry nail art

you're sure to cause a rumble in the jungle with this tropical summer nail art design


nail art etched in stone nail art

rock this perfect summer marble nail art design.


nail art camo waves nail art

this cute camoflage inspired look is a perfect summer nail art design.


nail art sleek stripes nail art

ribbons of rainbow stripes grab attention in this negative space nail art patterned design.


nail art coral cut-out nail art

swipes of rainbow stripes from purple to teal come together to form a pretty nail art design of many colors perfect for any season.


nail art cosmically cool nail art

put the "v" in vogue with this cool coral take on the negative-space nail art design trend that's simple and perfect for beginners!


nail art party plaid nail art

top matte indigo blue with a glint of sparkle topcoat to achieve a cool celestial nail art design that reaches the stars.


nail art gorgeous granite nail art

deco your fingertips in contrasting shades of pink, purple, red and deep violet for a party worthy nail art design perfect for any celebration.


nail art line dance nail art

turn nude nails into works of nail art with a pearly, shade-shifting marble mani that creates a stone finish.


nail art sliver of silver nail art

navy, light blue, and magenta pink city skyscrapers rise high across a metallic golden nail art design.


nail art cobalt heaven nail art

make a hot coral shade sizzle with bursts of metallic gold for a july 4th fireworks-inspired nail art design.


nail art crimson eclipse

rousing red tops a pink half moon manicure in this cute simple tricolor nail art design.


nail art line dance nail art

subtle swipes of gray, metallic bronze, and magenta lines cast a pretty nail art stripe pattern across pale pink.


nail art red carpet starlet nail art

find the silver lining in a multifaceted metallic nail art design of chic white topped with pretty silver stripes.


nail art into the wild nail art

you’ll rack up plenty of likes in this contrasting light and navy blue hashtag-inspired nail art pattern.


nail art cobalt heaven nail art

shoot for the stars in luxe, midnight-blue nail art with a galaxy of metallic gold and silver sparkle.


nail art chic splatter nail art

have some fun with your color, and splatter dots of metallic gold, pink, coral, and deep red for an abstract nail art design.


nail art red carpet starlet nail art

step out in style. when life calls for opening-night glamour, answer with this dazzling elegant red nail art design.


nail art into the wild nail art

venture off the beaten path with this one-of-a-kind safari zebra print nail art design. even sophistication has a wild side!