hand with diamond multi-mani nail art holding bottles of white and silver essie nail polish

nail art diamond multi-mani 💎

looking for nail inspo for the holiday season? essie’s got you covered with this ultra-elegant nail design that’ll have you sparkling like tinsel.

hand with sci-fi glam white and purple nails holding bottles of white and purple nail polish from essie

nail art sci-fi glam swirls

“this is inspired by sci-fi fonts and design. a little space-age manicure” - rita remark

woman with bejeweled french tip manicure holding bottles of white and silver essie nail polish

nail art bejeweled french tip nails 💍

add a little glitz and glamour to your december nails with these white french tip nails, complete with a sparkly festive twist for cute nails this holiday season.

hand with nails painted in multi-colored brown nail polish shades

Nail Art cozy brown multi-mani ✨🤎

turn that brown upside down with this warm neutral multi-mani in fall nail colors. follow these steps for elegant nails that even nail newbies can do!

hand with brown block mani nail art holding bottle of dark brown essie nail polish

Nail Art brown block mani 🟫

this nail art design inspired by a cozy cardigan print feels extra soft and velvety thanks to the matte top coat.

hand with zebra stripe nail art holding two bottles of brown essie nail polish

Nail Art brown zebra stripe mani 🦓

a zebra can’t change its stripes, but you can borrow them with this wild abstract animal print mani! this brown design is elegant with a wild twist, making them the perfect holiday nails.

hand with gemstone sparkle multimani nail art holding birthday girl essie nail polish

nail art gemstone sparkle multi-mani 💎

this fall nail design is a perfect intro to the lovely ‘birthday girl’. as our nail salon pro says, “this is your reminder that ‘birthday girl’ is such a versatile shade! you can use it on its own or as a topper to create this shimmery celestial mani”! you can’t mess this one up, so get a-brushing, and don’t forget to share your twinkly nails on instagram or tiktok with #essielove! 💅🏻✨

pink retro nail art with bottle of expressie fx nail polish

nail art pink retro nail art 💖

for anyone who lived through and/or loves the ‘80s, this fall nail art is a sparkly tribute. essie’s nail polish guru rita remark clashes colors in fond memory of an era when you wouldn’t go out without your hot pink lipstick and frosted blue eyeshadow. show off your retro nails using #essielove! 💅✨

woman in silver sequined dress with glitter confetti nail art holding essie nail polish

nail art glitter confetti nail art 🎉

wave your magic brush and poof: glitter everywhere! nail pro rita remark dreamed up this fall nail art after seeing glitter everywhere on new year’s eve. these sparkles really pop against the dark night green shade. everyone’s results will be unique, so share your gleaming work of art using #essielove 🙂

primary multi-color mani

nail art primary multi-color mani

these fall nail colors create a nail art design inspired by a painter’s palette. it may seem basic and a cinch to do, but the overall effect is quite fetching! so dive in headfirst and be sure to share photos of your primary multi-mani with us on instagram or tiktok at #essielove. and be sure to check out the pro tip below 🤗

patchwork floral polka dots

nail art patchwork floral polka dots

anyone can be a DIY nail art pro with this combo of fall nail colors! essie’s global mani educator rita remark says the dotting tool and these step-by-step instructions make it easy-peasy.

melting smiley face nail art

nail art melting smiley face nail art

essie nail salon pro rita remark created this retro yellow nail art to look like Y2K drippy smiley faces. you get artistic license to draw them how you want! we can’t wait to see your gang of trippy happy faces on instagram or tiktok (#essielove)💅🏻🤗

💎 double tip micro french

nail art 💎 double tip micro french

a micro french mani with a little ✨ pizzazz ✨ these french tip nails are minimalist to the max with understated élan. so count to trois, keep that brush steady and give this blue nail design a try!

colorful melting waves 🌊

nail art colorful melting waves 🌊

inspired by artistic murals, essie global mani educator rita remark came up with this wavy 4-color nail art! try it out and share your fab summer nails on instagram or tiktok with #essielove 🌊💙

💙 blues multi-mani 💙

nail art 💙 blues multi-mani 💙

our manicurist and nail artist rita remark says this blue nail design was inspired by an all-denim fit! so slip into your jeans and get a-brushin’ – this one is as easy as blueberry pie.

pink and yellow nails

nail art strawberry lemonade nails 🍓🍋

one sunny summer day, some sticky berry-stained fingers met a gang of tangy citrus fruits tumbling from a tree. they opened a strawberry lemonade stand and the rest is… nail art!

orange fruit nails

nail art freshly squeezed nail art 🍋🍊

our latest pulp addiction is a summer nail design that’s part lip-smacking still life, part pop(pi) art – and all juicy goodness.

Easy Pink Micro French Tips Nail Art Tutorial - Essie

nail art 💖shimmery micro french ✨

this bubblegum pink summer nail design is a sassy twist on the classic french manicure that never goes out of style. pink nails are rising on the trend-o-meter for summer 2023, and we couldn’t be more tickled!

Pink Pop Art Design Nail Art Tutorial - Essie

nail art 💗 pink pop art 👩🏼‍🎨

BOOM! WOW! this cartoon-style manicure takes comic book nails to a whole new level! follow our step-by-step tutorial to get the prettiest pink doll hands – just the cutest summer nail design we ever did see!

Easy Pink Multi-Mani Nail Art Tutorial - Essie

nail art 💕pink sparkly multi-mani💕

this multi-mani screams summer nails with a spectrum of pink shades harmonized to the max with iced-out FX nail polish! It’s sassy, sparkly, and oh-so fun!

purple skittle multi-mani

nail art purple skittle multi-mani

multi-manis don’t always have to be crazy. they can be serene, incredibly versatile, and remember - neutral mani does not mean boring!

minimalist abstract mani

nail art minimalist abstract mani

minimalistic with a pop of sky blue! follow along our nail art tutorial to achieve this beginner friendly abstract mani 💜

artistic paint brush mani

nail art artistic paint brush mani

let your creativity shine through your nail art!

zig-zag chevron nail art

nail art zig-zag chevron nail art

the orange and the two-toned purple colors perfectly complement each other!

watermelon waves

nail art watermelon waves

pinks, greens, & oranges - this nail art look combines all of the hot summer colors in to one cute and fun look! be a trendsetter! 😉

paint splatter! 🎨

nail art paint splatter! 🎨

channel your inner artist! this look is up to your imagination. follow the guidelines below to recreate your own version of this spilled paint mani!

Try the green nail art tutorial: pop art nail art

nail art pop art nail design tutorial

high contrast pop art and groovy 80’s lava lamps inspired this epic nail art look!

Try the green nail art tutorial: green marble nails

nail art green marble nails tutorial

“this look is inspired by nature, gems, and the malachite crystal specifically. it is easier than it seems too, you have to give this technique a try!” - Rita Remark

essie spring 2023 green multi-mani nail trends

nail art multicolor green nail design

it’s not always about having each finger a different color, sometimes we like to focus on accent colors in a random pattern across the nails to make a statement!

neutral multi mani

nail art neutral multi mani

multi-manis don’t always have to be crazy. they can be serene, incredibly versatile, and remember - neutral mani does not mean boring!

abstract neutral nails

nail art abstract neutral nails

neutral & classy but still kooky and whimsical! hop on the neutral abstract nail trend by following these DIY nail art steps!!

jelly half-moon mani

nail art jelly half-moon mani

this noteworthy neutral half-moon mani comes together in just 2 steps - try it for yourself!

gold & red standout sparkle nails

nail art gold & red standout sparkle nails

sparkle on the dance floor – inspired by the bedazzled nail art trend. look created using expressie, our quick-dry nail polish that dries in about a minute!

pink velvet prom nails

nail art pink velvet prom nails

make this prom season one to remember with pink velvet nail art! look created using expressie, our quick-dry nail polish that dries in about a minute!

lip gloss jelly nails

nail art lip gloss jelly nails

glazed donut’s younger, trendy sister … introducing lip gloss nails, but a jelly chrome remix. this look was created using expressie, our quick-dry nail polish that dries in about a minute!

electric butterfly

nail art electric butterfly

rock out in electric nail art inspired by a glam garage band jam session

groovy daisy

nail art groovy daisy

groovy 70s inspired florals, guaranteed to put you on the road to super-stardom!

glowing aura nails

nail art glowing aura nails

inspired by aura readings, this glowing and ethereal aura nail art look is sure to bring you good vibes – we’re mani-festing it for you!

colorful cow print

nail art colorful cow print

a cheerful and vivid twist on a fun cow print nail art.

optimistic orange skittle mani

nail art optimistic orange skittle mani

true blue, vibrant yellow, and warm orange create the perfect balance and one of our favorite multi-mani's!

king of hearts

nail art king of hearts

this 2 in 1 look is a fun play on love and heartbreak. is your heart red or black?

fishnet french

nail art fishnet french

an edgy and fierce twist on the red french nail trend.

rich reds multi-mani

nail art rich reds multi-mani

try this red multi-mani combo to take your solid polish look to the next level. even us newbies can spice up our mani game!

u wish

nail art u wish

a unique valentine’s day nail art to take your look and confidence to the next level!

coral curves

nail art coral curves

groovy, retro, curvy nail art featuring essies stunning muted coral shades.

coral candy multi-mani

nail art coral candy multi-mani

are you a nail newbie? no problem! this is the perfect look for every level artist.

watercolor wonder

nail art watercolor wonder

a hazy multicolor ombre featuring neutral and pastel essie shades.

simply sparkles

nail art simply sparkles

for easy nail art for beginners, this pink sparkle look is it. it’s easy, pink-and-clear sparkle holiday nail perfection that mimics the falling confetti vibe of the stroke of midnight, and looks seriously impressive.

champagne pop!

nail art champagne pop!

a glass of bubbly is de riguer on new year’s eve night, be it in champagne form or with new year’s eve nail looks. this shimmery, black, and pink nail art look perfectly capture the pop-of-champagne essence we all love.

timeless tuxedo nails

nail art timeless tuxedo nails

our timeless tuxedo Nails nail art is the ultimate party nail look. this look will never go out of fashion. here’s how to get the ultimate new year’s nail look at home.

glitz & glamorous!

nail art glitz & glamorous!

‘tis the season to over-indulge in yourself!

golden dazzle

nail art golden dazzle

what’s holiday complete without a little bling?

bubble gum pop!

nail art bubble gum pop!

bubble gum pop-off this halloween season!

aura euphoria

nail art aura euphoria

a whimsical pink twist to the classic french mani

franken-mani, oh so fine!

nail art franken-mani, oh so fine!

monster mash-up these shades to create a cute halloween nail art look!

rock ‘n’ roll rebel!

nail art rock ‘n’ roll rebel!

rock out with guitar-smashing nail art!

poison apple

nail art poison apple

careful, one bite can change it all 🍎

pumpkin spiced donut nails

nail art pumpkin spiced donut nails

(pumpkin) spice up your nails with this cute fall nail art look!

get ‘em pumpkin to talk about!!

nail art get ‘em pumpkin to talk about!!

believe it or not, this look is as easy as (pumpkin) pie!

glammed-up grunge

nail art glammed-up grunge

unleash your inner grunge queen this halloween with oil slick nail art!

fairytale kiss

nail art fairytale kiss

daydream away into your ultimate fairytale with this jelly manicure, sealed with a kiss 💋

retro french

nail art retro french

‘POW’! your nails will be popping off with this a-dot-able french mani

gradient nails

nail art gradient nails

blend in these iconic shades to stand out with this bold nail look!

dark academia

nail art dark academia

whether you’re heading to history class or the library for a study date, this nail art is the finishing touch to your school uniform!

coastal grandmother

nail art coastal grandmother

the sea and our classic shades are calling you to master the art of the coastal grandma

grand millennial

nail art grand millennial

let your grand millennial vibes blossom and grow your nail art skills with this elegant look

rainbow french

nail art rainbow french

bring a chic pop of color to this classic nail look that will make everyone swoon!

color block queen

nail art color block queen

using our iconic shades, give your color block mani a style refresh with this abstract look

nothing but neutrals

nail art nothing but neutrals

bring a new twist to your everyday neutrals with this sophisticated nail look

terrazzo print

nail art terrazzo print

hit the fashion trail with this super bold print

trailblazing french

nail art trailblazing french

this fall, hang up the heels and hike it up … you’re going off the grid in

viral trend: glazed donut nails 🍩

nail art viral trend: glazed donut nails 🍩

it's no surprise this trend went viral. this look is the perfect combination of elegance and glam!

after sun fun

nail art after sun fun

“this sunset inspired design packs a big pop of color! perfect on any nail length, it's a great balance of minimalist design and maximalist color.” -Rita Remark

birds of a feather

nail art birds of a feather

take your first flight of the year with that inspiring nail art: get the wings up to your nails!

blooming friendships

nail art blooming friendships

this look is a chance to mix and mingle. inspired by a kitschy garden gathering where you are the hostess with the mostess!

break free

nail art break free

allow yourself to stretch your wings to take off on this flight of fantasy

brushed effect

nail art brushed effect

roll up your sleeves and dare to color outside the lines with these unique shades for your mani masterpiece


nail art checkmate

“bright high contrast color pairings make a big statement. i love varying the design on each nail; leaving some with a french tip and others with a checkerboard. it keeps it balanced, not busy." -Rita Remark

dopamine waves

nail art dopamine waves

“i get a rush of joy just looking at these nails. inspired by a heat wave, this organic design can vary nail to nail.” -Rita Remark

right this sway

nail art right this sway

find joy in the little things, like the gentle sway of a willow in the wind

lagoon of love

nail art lagoon of love

inspired by a dreamy first date in a romantic rowboat for two.

love affair

nail art love affair

Inspired by a cheeky, secret love affair expressed through handwritten letters.

forever yours

nail art forever yours

grab your quill and get to writing – you might just respond with a kiss!

stitched look

nail art stitched look

tap into your inner artist and let your imagination run free with mood-boosting colors.

stitchin' halloween nail art

nail art stitchin' halloween nail art

the final stitch to complete your halloween look!

swirling into summer

nail art swirling into summer

“swirls have been leading the nail art trend for over a year now. i love how this look leans more psychedelic. it's a bit more playful and dizzy than its wavy counterparts.” -Rita Remark

glass-shattering nail art

nail art glass-shattering nail art

try this spooooky nail art to complete your halloween look

drippy nail art

nail art drippy nail art

is this the missing piece of your halloween look? yes. yes it is.

spikes in style nail art tutorial

nail art spikes in style nail art tutorial

when in doubt, spike it out this spooky season.

perfect 10

nail art perfect 10

summer-sault into #1 with this whimsical mani.

rose gold reverse french

nail art rose gold reverse french

a classic french mani with a rose-gold twist

cow print

nail art cow print

live out your wild side with this trendy animal print design

sand and sea

nail art sand and sea

this modern, summery nail art channels beach vibes even if you’re indoors!

starry night sky

nail art starry night sky

inspired by the bottle cap's design, this cosmic creation is simply stunning

mercury in retrograde star mani nail art

nail art mercury in retrograde star mani nail art

mercury manis are best in retrograde

Christian Siriano at fashion week

nail art Christian Siriano at fashion week

manicure by Julie Kandalec

Jeremy Scott at fashion week

nail art Jeremy Scott at fashion week

manicure by Miss Pop

Kate Spade at fashion week

nail art Kate Spade at fashion week

manicure by Rita Remark

Tommy Hilfiger at fashion week

nail art Tommy Hilfiger at fashion week

manicure by Naomi Yasuda

Khaite at fashion week

nail art Khaite at fashion week

manicure by Betina Goldstein

Kith at fashion week

nail art Kith at fashion week

manicure by Betina Goldstein

Kith's second look at fashion week

nail art Kith's second look at fashion week

manicure by Betina Goldstein

Amirah Kassem

nail art Amirah Kassem of Flour Shop’s confetti mani

use our #essielove moments collection to recreate this look

brushy ombré

nail art brushy ombré

use a 'dry brush' technique for this colorful ombré mani.


nail art electric ruffles

flowing stripes of summer color sure to start a buzz.


nail art perfect pastel mani


nail art essie x Christian Siriano at NYFW 2019


nail art essie x Jeremy Scott at NYFW 2019


nail art essie x Kate Spade NYFW 2019


nail art love you like xo

create this perfect valentine's day mani and let the sparkles fly


nail art love line

it's time to spread the #essielove

northern lights

nail art northern lights

see the northern lights this season with a version right on your nails.

essie fall foliage nail art - fall for nyc, say it ain't soho and licorice

nail art fall foliage nail art

stay on trend with this fall look. perfect for leaf-peeping season.

essie pumpkin spice ombre nail art - fall for nyc and say it ain't soho

nail art pumpkin spice & everything nice nail art

try this on-trend ombre nail look for the fall season

essie x jeremy scott fall fashion week 2018 nail art

nail art essie x Jeremy Scott fashion week nail art

recreate the orbit look

essie x kate spade fall fashion week 2018 nail art

nail art essie x Kate Spade fall fashion week nail art

recreate the "trail of sparkle" from Kate Spade's fall fashion look

essie x kith fall fashion week 2018 nail art

nail art essie x KITH fall fashion week nail art

choose 'forever yummy' and 'booties on broadway' for collegiate cool


nail art t-shirt stripe nail art

this graphic nail art design makes stripes oh so right


nail art uniform plaid nail art

dress your nails in this plaid nail art design that is so totally on-trend


nail art stroke of genius nail art

don’t be afraid to rock out in this metallic nail art design


nail art wild at heart nail art

take a walk on the wild side and embrace your inner nudist with this graphic nail art design


nail art made of stars nail art

party with the stars in this bright, bold nail art design.


nail art sorbet swirl nail art

sugary sweet nail art with a watercolor marble effect. this ombre design in playful pastels is a cute touch for anyone’s spring style.


nail art cactus cutout nail art

take your nails on a desert escape with this negative space cactus nail art design featuring white and turquiose shades.


nail art neutral marble nail art

mix things up with this marble nail art design featuring neutral shades with a hint of metallic.


nail art totally tweed nail art

cozy up to this graphic tweed nail art design featuring a rainbow of pink, purple, nude, and green shades.


nail art ombre waves nail art

go graffiti chic with this street art inspired nail art design. the blue ombre texture with abstract wave accents adds a touch of fun to any look.


nail art all eyes on you nail art

embrace this trendy evil eye nail art design and have all eyes on you in chic shades of blue.


nail art pebbled polka dots nail art

spotted! simple pastel polka dot nail art that’s always on point.


nail art wild side stripes nail art

take a strut on the wild side with this animal print nail art design in elegant neutral and metallic nail polish shades.


nail art playing in pastel nail art

pretty, playful, pastel. this graphic linear nail art design accented with ovals is simple and cute for spring or summer.


nail art snowfall sparkle nail art

glam up your holiday nail art design.


nail art bare-ly there nail art

get graphic in this nude nail art design. simple silver stripes add an elegant metallic touch to this on-trend look.


nail art color curve nail art

kimono over and try this fall nail art design by essie


nail art blushing ombre nail art

you’ll feel pretty in pink with this bright ombré nail art design perfect for short nail lengths..


nail art get inked nail art

embrace your creativity and sponge on this pretty inky blue ombre nail art design.


nail art tropical bloom nail art

summer is in full bloom with this pretty floral nail art design. flowers at your fingertips have never been so chic!


nail art etched in stone nail art

rock this perfect summer marble nail art design.


nail art camo waves nail art

this cute camoflage inspired look is a perfect summer nail art design.


nail art sleek stripes nail art

ribbons of rainbow stripes grab attention in this negative space nail art patterned design.


nail art coral cut-out nail art

swipes of rainbow stripes from purple to teal come together to form a pretty nail art design of many colors perfect for any season.


nail art party plaid nail art

top matte indigo blue with a glint of sparkle topcoat to achieve a cool celestial nail art design that reaches the stars.


nail art gorgeous granite nail art

deco your fingertips in contrasting shades of pink, purple, red and deep violet for a party worthy nail art design perfect for any celebration.


nail art line dance nail art

turn nude nails into works of nail art with a pearly, shade-shifting marble mani that creates a stone finish.


nail art sliver of silver nail art

navy, light blue, and magenta pink city skyscrapers rise high across a metallic golden nail art design.


nail art cobalt heaven nail art

make a hot coral shade sizzle with bursts of metallic gold for a july 4th fireworks-inspired nail art design.


nail art into the wild nail art

you’ll rack up plenty of likes in this contrasting light and navy blue hashtag-inspired nail art pattern.