nails displaying pink retro '80s nail art
1. any essie base coat, like ‘strong start
2. ‘immaterial frost fx’ quick-dry effect filter
3. bright magenta ‘pencil me in’ nail polish
4. your choice of a glossy top coat, like ‘stay longer
5. detail nail brush

now you’re ready to break out your VHS tape and work up a sweat! or just head over to your local ‘80s night and dance the night away.

woman in silver sequined dress with glitter confetti nail art holding essie nail polish

nail art glitter confetti nail art 🎉

wave your magic brush and poof: glitter everywhere! nail pro rita remark dreamed up this fall nail art after seeing glitter everywhere on new year’s eve. these sparkles really pop against the dark night green shade. everyone’s results will be unique, so share your gleaming work of art using #essielove 🙂

hand with gemstone sparkle multimani nail art holding birthday girl essie nail polish

nail art gemstone sparkle multi-mani 💎

this fall nail design is a perfect intro to the lovely ‘birthday girl’. as our nail salon pro says, “this is your reminder that ‘birthday girl’ is such a versatile shade! you can use it on its own or as a topper to create this shimmery celestial mani”! you can’t mess this one up, so get a-brushing, and don’t forget to share your twinkly nails on instagram or tiktok with #essielove! 💅🏻✨