step 1: apply base coat and two coats of send a message’. allow to fully dry.

step 2: using seize the minute and a large dotting tool, apply three dots down center of nail and add more on the sides in a stagger.

step 3: using misfit right in and a small dotting tool, apply four dots around each big dot.

step 4: apply an essie top coat.

step 5: using a thick topcoat (such as essie gel setter) and dotting tools, add clear dots over each existing dot to create a raised bejeweled effect.



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send a message send a message essie send a message $10.00 a classic, fiery red quick dry vegan nail polish with black undertones view details seize the minute seize the minute expressie seize the minute $10.00 a blue-toned red quick dry nail polish view details misfit right in misfit right in expressie misfit right in $10.00 a shimmering bronze quick dry nail polish with black undertones view details