1. a base coat like 'here to stay'

2. deep cornflower blue 'ripple reflect' nail polish

3. easy-breezy 'bikini so teeny' light shimmer cornflower nail polish

4. don’t-go 'stay longer top coat'

pro tip: you’ll want your bubbly blue nails to last ‘til the cows come home😉. so once they’re fully dry, be sure to keep them and your cuticles hydrated. essie makes a luscious brush-on 'apricot cuticle oil' in the iconic bottle, and a creamy on a roll version in a tube for on-the-go!

colorful melting waves 🌊

nail art colorful melting waves 🌊

inspired by artistic murals, essie global mani educator rita remark came up with this wavy 4-color nail art! try it out and share your fab summer nails on instagram or tiktok with #essielove 🌊💙

💎 double tip micro french

nail art 💎 double tip micro french

a micro french mani with a little ✨ pizzazz ✨ these french tip nails are minimalist to the max with understated élan. so count to trois, keep that brush steady and give this blue nail design a try!