step 1: start off with your favorite essie basecoat, such as 'strong start'.

step 2: apply one coat of 'rock the runway' on your thumb, pointer, and pinky nail.

step 3: apply one coat of 'now or never' on our ring fingernail.

step 4: apply one coat of 'trick clique' on your middle fingernail.

step 5: go over each nail with another coat of its color polish.

step 6: finish with your favorite glossy essie topcoat, such as 'stay longerto keep your mani smooth, shiny, and bright!

trick clique trick clique expressie trick clique $10.00 a vibrant hot pink quick dry nail polish with blue undertones (cream) view details rock the runway rock the runway gel couture rock the runway $13.00 a longwear, fierce scarlet red. step 1: apply two coats of gel couture color. step 2: apply gel couture top coat. view details now or never now or never expressie now or never $10.00 a black quick dry nail polish view details stay longer premium longwear top coat stay longer premium longwear top coat essie stay longer premium longwear top coat $11.00 a premium longwear top coat for an up to 7 day salon quality manicure view details strong start strong start base coat strong start $11.00 our new strength boosting base coat, infused with biotin, helps reinforce for less week and brittle feeling nails. view details