step 1: apply one coat of express to impress on your pinky and ring fingernail. 


step 2: apply one coat of in-vest in style to your middle, pointer, and thumb nail. 

step 3: allow to fully dry and then repeat step 2 and 3 to paint a second coat of the color on each nail. 

step 4: finish with your favorite glossy essie topcoat, such as stay longer topcoat.

pro tip!: make your manis last longer by using a cuticle oil to keep your nails and skin hydrated! we recommend on a roll apricot cuticle oil for easy on-the-go hydration😉 

get the look! 🛍️multicolor green nail art🛍️


express to impress express to impress expressie express to impress $10.00 a mint green quick dry nail polish with yellow undertones view details in-vest in style in-vest in style gel couture in-vest in style $13.00 a mid-toned green longwear, vegan nail polish with blue undertones view details gel-setter gel-setter top coat gel-setter $11.00 color and shine view details on a roll apricot nail & cuticle oil on a roll apricot nail & cuticle oil cuticle care on a roll apricot nail & cuticle oil $15.00 roll-on cuticle hydration and nail conditioning in one swipe view details