woman in orange outfit with nail polish design of melting yellow smiley faces
1 - 'smooth-e' basecoat
2 - 'outside the lines' deep yellow nail polish
3 - black 'licorice' essie nail polish
4 - a glossy topcoat like 'stay longer'
5 - 'apricot cuticle oil'
6 - fine detail brush

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go spread the sunshine and show off your grinning yellow nails! then plan for your next salon art project. we’ve spotted the primary multi-mani of fall nail colors also starring ‘outside the lines’ and a floral polka dot nail design.

patchwork floral polka dots

nail art patchwork floral polka dots

anyone can be a DIY nail art pro with this combo of fall nail colors! essie’s global mani educator rita remark says the dotting tool and these step-by-step instructions make it easy-peasy.

primary multi-color mani

nail art primary multi-color mani

these fall nail colors create a nail art design inspired by a painter’s palette. it may seem basic and a cinch to do, but the overall effect is quite fetching! so dive in headfirst and be sure to share photos of your primary multi-mani with us on instagram or tiktok at #essielove. and be sure to check out the pro tip below 🤗