if you love to mismatch your outfits, get creative with your style and your nails - these six non-traditional shades are for you. wear these bright and restorative nail colors alone, or mismatch to create a bold aesthetic that feels true to you.
odd squad odd squad essie odd squad $10.00 it's in to be weird so join this squad of misfits with this rich coffee brown vegan nail polish with red undertones. view details never basic never basic essie never basic $10.00 this muted, soft coral vegan nail polish with red and neutral undertones doesn't need to fit in and neither do you! view details offbeat chic offbeat chic essie offbeat chic $10.00 step off the beaten path and show your true colors, starting with this vibrant cyan blue vegan nail polish with yellow undertones. view details not a phase not a phase essie not a phase $10.00 being your true self will never go out of style, so paint on this deeply rich crimson vegan nail polish with yellow undertones and have fun. view details perfectly peculiar perfectly peculiar essie perfectly peculiar $10.00 come as you are and let this bright minty green vegan nail polish blue undertones be your partner in all things peculiar. view details mismatch to match mismatch to match essie mismatch to match $10.00 mix patterns, reject the monotone, and remix your look with a warm raisin taupe vegan nail polish with red and brown undertones. view details
6 bottles of essie nail polish from the odd squad collection laid on a brightly colored surface
2024 celebrates the proud members of the odd squad.  the ones who stand out and don’t have to fit in! the never basic; the offbeat chic; the perfectly peculiar. so mix the patterns, remix the shades. don’t be monochrome, don’t be monotone, don’t be “one size fits all.” it’s in to be weird – let’s celebrate what makes us unique, because it’s so not a phase.