on the left we have juicy, festive goodness—rich reds the color of holly berries, mulled wine, sugarplums (we think?). on the right we have super-seasonal shimmer, evoking tinsel, shooting stars, and special occasion chic. both timeless, yet on trend. both glamorous, yet wearable. but one deserves the title of ultimate holiday nail color? we asked the team, split down the middle between sides, to make the case for their favorite.

halle: set in stones

amanda: summit of style

brielle: bubbles only

sandra: wicked

kristen: berry naughty

set in stones set in stones essie set in stones $10.00 disco mirror ball chaos. view details summit of style summit of style essie summit of style $10.00 sparkling bronze glitters achieve fashionable new heights. view details bubbles only bubbles only gel couture bubbles only $13.00 a longwear, classic burgundy crème. step 1: apply two coats of gel couture color. step 2: apply gel couture top coat. view details wicked wicked essie wicked $10.00 a deep and dark creamy sinister red. view details berry naughty berry naughty essie berry naughty $10.00 a creamy deep luscious berry. view details