the new essie (un)guilty pleasures collection is all about saying yes to the things that make you happy and leaving the guilt behind. as you reach for life’s simple pleasures, embrace the nontraditional cream shades from the (un)guilty pleasures collection. created to match all the colors and moods of 2023, these new seasonless shades span across multiple shade families mixing soft, deep, and muted tones so you can wear them throughout the year.

caught in the rain caught in the rain essie caught in the rain $10.00 a muted, neutral sage green vegan nail polish with gray undertones view details to me from me to me from me essie to me from me $10.00 a softened, deep indigo blue vegan nail polish with white undertones view details (un)guilty pleasures (un)guilty pleasures essie (un)guilty pleasures $10.00 a rich teal green vegan nail polish with blue undertones view details snooze in snooze in essie snooze in $10.00 a warm, pinky coral vegan nail polish with yellow undertones view details no to-do no to-do essie no to-do $10.00 a deep coffee brown vegan nail polish with red undertones view details home by 8 home by 8 essie home by 8 $10.00 a faded, soft black vegan nail polish with red undertones view details

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this year forget the resolutions and leave the guilt behind. get your coffee with extra cream, order a side of fries, and purposely forget to set an alarm to snooze in. embrace your (un)guilty pleasures and say yes to the little things that make you happy, even if it means choosing no to-do’s. so be home by 8 for a chill night in, repaint your nails (again), wear all the colors that make you smile, and if you get caught in the rain? just dance it out. it’s all with love, to me from me.