ahead of the gam(er)

ahead of the gam(er)

10 in game shades to put you in the center of the action

taking inspiration from both retro and current video and mobile games, the new expressie ahead of the gam(er) collection puts you in the center of the action through unique, “in-game” inspired shades. so, text your remote friends and power up your machine…it’s time to get leveled up & get ahead of the gam(er)!

multi-player moves multi-player moves expressie multi-player moves $9.00 bright apricot yellow nail polish with red and white undertones view details no time to pause no time to pause expressie no time to pause $9.00 vibrant violet nail polish with blue red undertones view details thumb-surfing thumb-surfing expressie thumb-surfing $9.00 creamy orchid pink nail polish with yellow undertones view details remote friends remote friends expressie remote friends $9.00 dusty pinky nude nail polish with warm undertones view details ahead of the gamer ahead of the gamer expressie ahead of the gamer $9.00 electric coral-red hybrid nail polish with pink undertones view details don't glitch get better don't glitch get better expressie don't glitch get better $9.00 deep shimmery fuchsia pink nail polish with blue undertones view details take controller take controller expressie take controller $9.00 vibrant lime green nail polish with yellow undertones view details leveled up leveled up expressie leveled up $9.00 deep charcoal gray nail polish with blue undertones view details virtual velocity virtual velocity expressie virtual velocity $9.00 shimmery light lavender nail polish with white undertones view details beat the clock beat the clock expressie beat the clock $9.00 vibrant cobalt blue nail polish view details

get your remote friends together – it’s time to take controller and beat the clock. equipped with virtual velocity and an avatar to awe at, there’s no time to pause as your multiplayer moves keep you ahead of the gam(er). thumb-surfing your way as you dodge & jump to get leveled up, will your skill & speed take you to the leaderboard? keep on daystreaming, and remember, don’t glitch, get better.

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we've teamped up with four top gamers to bring our new expressie by essie shades to life through one-of-a-kind filter. jump into play with your favorite twitch superstars. no time to pause. let's level up.

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