Expressie shimmer top coat colors in immaterial frost & left on shred
get ready for an out-of-this world manicure with 3 new limited edition expressie fx top coats inspired by the dreamy aesthetics of the virtual world. apply any ethereal fx finish over any nail color to instantly transform cream shades into a custom nail artistry look.
immaterial frost FX immaterial frost FX expressie immaterial frost FX $10.00 grab this sheer cool blue vegan quick dry top coat with multi-dimensional warm purple and gold pearls and head into an icy digital fantasy. view details ethereal glow FX ethereal glow FX expressie ethereal glow FX $10.00 feel the warmth of a blazing astral dreamscape with this sheer fiery red vegan quick dry top coat with multi-dimensional gold pearls. view details faux real FX faux real FX expressie faux real FX $10.00 bring your virutal aesthetic to life and live like your avatar with this sheer pink vegan quick dry top coat effect with flaky chrome pearls. view details
Expressie FX quick dry shimmer nail polish top coat colors in blue, pink, and red

drape yourself in 'ethereal glow', it’s time for take-off…hop through 'immaterial frost' and escape to a 'faux real' galaxy.