A hand reaching to lift a clear glass cloche that contains a bottle of nail polish surrounded by flowers
flutter off into the forest with this magical collection. these five creamy shades match the vibrant blooms of nature, making them perfect for a foray in the woods or a cottage-side picnic. so grab your flower crowns and prepare for a night of whimsy with the essie light & fairy.
charmed & dangerous charmed & dangerous essie charmed & dangerous $10.00 a deep, warm berry purple vegan nail polish with red undertones view details kiss and spell kiss and spell essie kiss and spell $10.00 a white-based light blue vegan nail polish with red undertones view details light and fairy light and fairy essie light and fairy $10.00 a muted mustard yellow vegan nail polish with neutral undertones view details note to elf note to elf essie note to elf $10.00 a muted mauve pink vegan nail polish with blue undertones view details toad you so toad you so essie toad you so $10.00 a deep mossy green vegan nail polish with yellow undertones view details
6 bottles of nail polish laid down on a mossy ground with mossy rocks and flowers
before you flutter off to the forest, make a note to elf: keep it light & fairy! with a sprinkle of pixie dust you’ll have everyone under your kiss & spell. you’re known to be charmed & dangerous so don’t be surprised when your fellow fae fawn over you - we toad you so!