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💎 double tip micro french

nail art 💎 double tip micro french

a micro french mani with a little ✨ pizzazz ✨ these french tip nails are minimalist to the max with understated élan. so count to trois, keep that brush steady and give this blue nail design a try!

colorful melting waves 🌊

nail art colorful melting waves 🌊

inspired by artistic murals, essie global mani educator rita remark came up with this wavy 4-color nail art! try it out and share your fab summer nails on instagram or tiktok with #essielove 🌊💙

💙 blues multi-mani 💙

nail art 💙 blues multi-mani 💙

our manicurist and nail artist rita remark says this blue nail design was inspired by an all-denim fit! so slip into your jeans and get a-brushin’ – this one is as easy as blueberry pie.

hey there, bubbly blues! 



bubbly blues light up 2023

it’s a plane, it’s a bird, it’s…the bubbly blues! indomitable essie nail polish introduces a whole crew of blue lacquers for truly unique summer nails. from deep navy to glacial ice, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. oh well!

  • blue is the new you



    Woman with seagreen teal solid color manicure wearing a blue green flower ring

    just when you thought you’d found the perfect summer nail colors, the bubbly blues bounce right into your life! and so many to choose from! the best place to start your blue streak is by taking the essie color quiz. then try on your blue nail colors at the virtual try-on salon. see you in blue, baby!

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    essie bubbly blue summer nail art designs with different shades of essie blue nail polish

    tips & trends 💙the bubbly blues of summer 2023 💙

    oh, have we got some blues for you! check out the headlines: from electric blue french tips to baby blue nail designs, summer nails are in for the royal (blue) treatment.