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pink pop art nail art
this summer nail design is a cartoon mani that popped straight out of a comic book 

shimmery micro french nail art
oh là là! pink nails and glitter take on the classic french micro manicure! 

pink sparkly multi-mani nail art
we picked a peck of pink summer nail colors, then iced them out. pretty (and) coooool.



Pink Pop Art Design Nail Art Tutorial - Essie

nail art 💗 pink pop art 👩🏼‍🎨

BOOM! WOW! this cartoon-style manicure takes comic book nails to a whole new level! follow our step-by-step tutorial to get the prettiest pink doll hands – just the cutest summer nail design we ever did see!

Easy Pink Micro French Tips Nail Art Tutorial - Essie

nail art 💖shimmery micro french ✨

this bubblegum pink summer nail design is a sassy twist on the classic french manicure that never goes out of style. pink nails are rising on the trend-o-meter for summer 2023, and we couldn’t be more tickled!

Easy Pink Multi-Mani Nail Art Tutorial - Essie

nail art 💕pink sparkly multi-mani💕

this multi-mani screams summer nails with a spectrum of pink shades harmonized to the max with iced-out FX nail polish! It’s sassy, sparkly, and oh-so fun!

think pink in '23

pink nails for everyone! pink's a-poppin' on a summer nails in every corner of the globe. good thing essie has more pinks than you can count on one hand (ore two hands...or all your toes for that matter).



pencil me in pencil me in essie pencil me in $10.00 a vibrant, magenta pink nail polish with blue undertones (cream) view details crave the chaos crave the chaos expressie crave the chaos $10.00 a juicy pink quick dry nail polish view details fiji fiji essie fiji $10.00 an opaque creamy pale pink. view details sheer fantasy sheer fantasy gel couture sheer fantasy $13.00 a longwear, graceful sheer pink. step 1: apply two coats of gel couture color. step 2: apply gel couture top coat. view details trick clique trick clique expressie trick clique $10.00 a vibrant hot pink quick dry nail polish with blue undertones (cream) view details watermelon watermelon essie watermelon $10.00 a creamy and refreshing juicy red. view details Essie pink nail polish

tips & trends 💕posh pinks parade into 💕 summer 2023

there’s definitely something in the air. 2023 summer nail colors are positively strutting toward spirited pinks that have a thing or three to say. maybe it’s that new movie about a certain iconic doll who’s obsessed with pink? or maybe it’s because the mousy pinks of the past are finally feeling empowered. whatever it is, we’re calling it the new pink-a-tude

pink to perfection

Essie pink nail polish

pink me, I must be dreaming! essie has as many shades of pink as there are styles, looks and moods – and then some. so scratch that itch for posh pink nails, spot some gorgeous summer nail colors, and have a blast trying them all on at our virtual try-on salon.

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