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you are my sunshine

michelan-yellow nail designs 

patchwork floral polka dots

nail art patchwork floral polka dots

anyone can be a DIY nail art pro with this combo of fall nail colors! essie’s global mani educator rita remark says the dotting tool and these step-by-step instructions make it easy-peasy.

primary multi-color mani

nail art primary multi-color mani

these fall nail colors create a nail art design inspired by a painter’s palette. it may seem basic and a cinch to do, but the overall effect is quite fetching! so dive in headfirst and be sure to share photos of your primary multi-mani with us on instagram or tiktok at #essielove. and be sure to check out the pro tip below 🤗

melting smiley face nail art

nail art melting smiley face nail art

essie nail salon pro rita remark created this retro yellow nail art to look like Y2K drippy smiley faces. you get artistic license to draw them how you want! we can’t wait to see your gang of trippy happy faces on instagram or tiktok (#essielove)💅🏻🤗

hello to the yellows!

bottles of yellow essie nail polish shades with plant, flower, and decor

tips & trends 🌼 yummy yellows perk up fall 2023 🧡

get all warm and fuzzy with the most feel-good fall nail colors around. essie’s cheery palette of yummy yellow nail polish is just what we all need right now. from perky pastels and nifty neons to chipper sunflower and beyond, every last one is guaranteed to make you smile ☺️

2023 is flashing yellow

lacquer lovers are taking a shine to yummy yellows in ‘23 with one of the trendiest fall nail colors this side of the sun. from lemon zest and moonbeams to bananas and ice cream, find out why yellow nail polish is melting everyone’s heart, one toothy grin at a time.



  • paint me a yellow rainbow

    woman with multi color yellow polka dot nail polish design
    lemon isn’t the only yellow crayon in the box! essie has so many shades of yellow nail polish that there’s a refreshing palette for everyone. find your very own yummy yellows by taking the essie color quiz, and see how they’ll look at our virtual try-on salon.

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