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3 summer nail trends to try in 2023

tips & trends 3 summer nail trends to try in 2023

we’re mani-festing nothing but good energy for summer 2023. nail color trends this season are all inspired by individuality, self expression, and optimism. from nostalgic primary colors to bold neutrals, learn more about these trending summer nail ideas below.

Light skin hand holding pink shimmer nail polish, nails in a seashell pearl design

tips & trends dive into mermaidcore with these pearl nail ideas

mermaidcore is the newest trend making a splash at award shows and on the runway. from pearl and shell-inspired accessories to semi-sheer fabrics and light blue sequins, this trend is all about channeling your inner mermaid.

Hand outstretched against a green background with lip gloss manicure on the nails

tips & trends lip gloss nails: the new minimalist nail trend

the new neutral nail look for 2023 is lip gloss nails. consisting of a sheer pink base and a voluminous, glossy topcoat, this nail look is a hybrid of the glazed donut and jelly nail trends of previous seasons. learn how to get the lip gloss nail look with just 2 products below!