spring 2017 collection

spring 2017 collection

hit the road with your backseat besties. limited edition.

it's your b'aha moment.

hit the road with your backseat besties and take a spur-of-the-moment trip down the coast. the essie spring 2017 nail polish collection is inspired by sun-filled beach days and spectacular sunsets shared with some best friends on a “don’t stop till you hit the border” road trip.

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grab your backseat besties and designated DJ, it’s time to take a road trip down the coast! spot a cutie in the car over? don’t be too shy to say “excuse me, sur” and have a little b’aha moment! whichever views you are distracted by, one thing is guaranteed: the sunsets and beach views are all the wave. so let’s get this show on the roadie…Baja is waiting!