nail art

glitter ombré

sparkle always gives your nails that "wow" effect.


Step 1: apply a thin layer of essie base coat. Polish the end of a cosmetic wedge with your favorite essie metallic shade and lightly dab on the top half of each nail near the tip.

Step 2: polish the end of another cosmetic wedge with a cut above and lightly dab right along the tip of each nail.

Step 3: with a cut above polish half of the nail to create a glitter ombré effect.

Step 4: finish with essie topcoat.

birthday girl essie birthday girl $9.00 <p>surprise! enjoy this happy, pretty present: an iridescent sheer pink nail polish that makes every birthday more fun.</p> <p class="p1" style="color: #767676; background-color: #ffffff; margin: 1em 0px; padding: 0px; letter-spacing: 0.1px;"><span class="s1"><strong>essie enamel product benefits:</strong></span></p> <ul class="ul1" style="color: #333333; background-color: #ffffff; margin: 1em 0px; padding: 0px; letter-spacing: 0.1px;"> <li class="li2"><span class="s3">extensive color palette with hundreds of shades&nbsp;</span></li> <li class="li2"><span class="s3">high, glossy shine finish&nbsp;</span></li> <li class="li2"><span class="s3">provides flawless coverage along with outstanding durability&nbsp;</span></li> <li class="li2"><span class="s3">brush fits every nail size for streak-free application</span></li> </ul> a cut above essie.gel a cut above $0.00 top your favorite essie color with a coat of jewels and create a lavish nail look with this cutting edge, shattered pink diamond glitz lacquer. gel-setter top coat gel-setter $10.00 <style type="text/css"> p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Lucida Grande'; color: #000000} </style> <p class="p1">A clear topcoat that will give your nails gel-like essie color and shine day after day.</p>