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behind the brush: adeeba khan

meet the mani guru who became a TikTok sensation overnight.

behind the brush: adeeba khan

name: Adeeba Khan

city: Chicago  

khan is a diy nail queen. her step-by-step tutorials keep her 500K+ tiktok followers coming back for more mesmerizing manis. here, find out how fiji, an essie icon, jumpstarted her dream job.  

her favorite essie shade: fiji has a special place in my heart. not only is it one of my favorite shades, but I filmed a tiktok randomly after work using this exact color and it got one million views in 24 hours. that video was the start of my journey creating nail content and my life has never been the same since. i get to do what i love every day!” 

her artistic approach: “it’s really a mix. i like something simple, but i also love using a bunch of different colors or even adding rhinestones!” 

her biggest source of inspo: pinterest. always.”  

her favorite project: “i loved working with essie on valentine's day nail art. it was my first project with the brand and it felt surreal to work with my favorite company. i remember being a kid, and on special days, I would treat myself to a bottle of essie.”  

her top nail tip: “apply cuticle oil every day. if you can, apply it twice a day. cuticle oil extends the life of your manicure, prevents chipping, lifting, and peeling. it keeps cuticles moisturized and your nails strong. even if you prefer bare, groomed nails, you can still reap the benefits of cuticle oil. it's liquid gold!”  

her most frequently asked question: “how often do you do your nails? my answer: too much for my own good! i'm always up for something new after day three of a manicure.”

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